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storm and hail damage Repair in Colorado Springs and Pueblo

The Pike’s Peak Region is known for its beauty and unfortunately, it’s hail and wind storms.  Colorado, Nebraska and Wyoming are known as “hail alley” in meteorological circles due to the frequency of Hail here.  The hail is more prevalent here mostly due to the altitude- apparently the high plains of Colorado are much closer to the freezing levels of the atmosphere, and hail that might turn to water in lower parts of the country are still frozen when they hit our Colorado Springs roofs.  

Repairing Your Hail Damaged Roof

From total roof replacement service to repairing a leaking or hail damaged roof, trust Optimum Roofing to guide you through the storm damage repair process from start to finish. We will start by assessing your damaged roof, and coming up with the best plan of action to fix the damage.  From there we go to work to do whatever it takes to ensure a quality roof repair that allows you to sleep at night without worrying about leaks and other problems.  Stop waiting for storm chasers to knock on your door, call us first and you won’t worry anymore!

types of roofing

Our team specializes in asphalt shingle service and installation, using products and shingles from great brands.