Roof Financing Options For Your Upcoming Project With Optimum Roofing

Hail happens and whether you plan for it or not, the need for financing a new roof can come up unexpectedly.

Optimum Roofing, one of Pueblo’s top roofing companies, is here to help you work with your insurance company to maximize your insurance claim from wind, hail, or any other roof damage that your home has experienced.

Roof Replacement Cost

Hey, Google, how much does a new roof cost? It’s not an easy answer.

The average cost of replacing a roof is dependent on multiple factors about your roof including: 

  • The size of your roof based on the number of roof squares (100 square feet) that need to be replaced.
  • The complexity of your roof (i.e. slope, design, peaks)
  • The type of roofing materials and roof shingle installation you choose (we offer T-Lock shingles replacement)
  • The roofing contractor you hire to do the job will determine the labor cost you end up paying
  • Your homes unique geographical area
  • City, county, and state regulations and permits needed for your area  

These variables will ultimately determine the cost of a new roof and can cause hardship when faced with an unexpected roof replacement project.

Thankfully when it comes to hail and wind damaged roof repair, your homeowner’s insurance plans will typically cover the bill after you pay your deductible, which can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on your policy. You may need a roof replacement loan to cover that unexpected deductible. This is the customer experience we have seen time and time again. That is why we partnered with the industry leader in roof financing, Hearth Financing, to help our community, our customers, to be able to take care of their homes.

Financing A New Roof

Roof loans are a great option when you need a new roof but can’t afford it. All it takes is 60 seconds to fill out the roof financing form through Hearth. You can click on the secure “Get My Rates” button above to visit Hearth’s safe site to get pre-qualified for a roof loan in minutes. Below you can find the answers to commonly asked questions we receive about roof financing in Pueblo, Colorado.

Is This A Home Equity Loan?

No, this home improvement loan option does not have a home equity requirement and this is not a Home Equity Line of Credit, commonly known as a HELOC. Additionally, if you cannot pay back your loan you will not be at risk for foreclosure. The only downside is roof loans generally have a higher interest rate than loan options secured by the home equity you’ve worked so hard to build up.

How Long Does It Take To Fund My Roof Loan?

Hearth Financing has self-proclaimed “Rapid Funding.” We understand that wind damage and hail happens in an instant which causes the need for projects to start quickly. This personal loan for financing your roof replacement can be funded in as soon as 24 hours. 

Am I Penalized For Paying Off My Loan Early?

No, you will never be penalized for being responsible and paying off your personal roof loan early.

Do Monthly Payments Change?

No, you will have fixed monthly payments thanks to the fixed interest rate Hearth provides. This helps you create an accurate project budget and payback timeline.

Does Optimum Roofing Work on Metal and Slate Roofs?

Yes, Optimum Roofing is one of the top metal roofing companies in Pueblo, Colorado. We can help you install or replace metal roofing. We can also help you with your slate roof needs. Contact us today to learn more.

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